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A fire has started to rage, and I'll let it burn.

I've found the people whose touches set me alight and I'll give them everything. In return, they'll worship me. Some might call this sin, but if I go up in flames you can take me down to hell with a smile.


Jay, Griffin, Sage, Cy, and Ember, are my guardians, the people who strengthen me and make me feel whole. They're the people I can depend upon to help me unseat him—the incarnation of evil, the devil himself.


Arrick Mathieson lost control after I escaped, and, in his wrath, tried to destroy everything I care about: my safety, my club, my family. But in doing so, he ignited anger I didn't know I possessed. He doesn't get to hurt me anymore. I won't let him. I would rather watch the world burn first.


He pays for his empire with the blood of others. I'll pay for mine in his.


I may look like a good girl, but that doesn't mean I won't do things that hurt.


And didn't they tell you?


Even the Devil was an Angel first.

Notes for the Reader

Devil In The Dark is the second book in the duet and ends in a HEA.


Devil In the Dark is a contemporary dark romance, and readers should take their comfort level with certain subjects into consideration before reading. Below is a comprehensive list of tropes and tags for the book and subject matter that may be potentially triggering to readers.


Please note that this book contains the following that may be disruptive to readers: Ableism, Attempted Murder, Blood, Bratting, Child Services, Deadnaming, Death By Fire, Dissociation, Drug Trafficking, Drugging, Emotional Abuse, Fire, Flashbacks, Gaslighting, Gore, Grief, Harassment, Hard Sub Drop, Hospital, Hospitalization, Human Trafficking, Kidnapping, Manipulation, Military, Near Death Experiences, Orphaned In Book, Panic Attack, Physical Abuse, Sedatives, Sexual Abuse, Sickness, Smuggling, Spousal Abuse, Stalking, Threats Of Violence, Torture, and Violence Against Women.

For your awareness, the book also includes the following forms of intimacy/play: BDSM, Body Worship, Choking, CNC, Degradation, Dom/ Sub, Edging, Exhibitionism, Flogging, Forced Chastity, Group Scenes, Knife Play, Mommy Domme, Mutual Masturbation, Orgasm Denial, Pleasure Dom, Predator/Prey, Primal Play, Ruby Play, Sado/ Masochism, and Voyeurism.

Finally, here are the honorifics used throughout: Baby, Baby doll, Brat, Captain, Dife Mwen, Doll, Good Boy, Good Girl, Little Girl, Ma’am, Mesye, Mistress, Mommy, Pet, Preciosa, Sir, Slut, Tèt Zozo, and Whore.

Angels in the Dark

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