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Bound, Book 1
The Playground Club Series

My academic course catalog did not include a BDSM 101 lecture.


Yet, the world of swingers and kink beckons through a daring Zoom call—the ultimate gateway to membership at The Playground Club.

Introduced by my adventurous best friend, who envisions celebrating her engagement in this new domain, I find myself navigating realms far from the comfort zone of classrooms and libraries I hide in as a PhD psychology student.


The call, led by instructors Bex and Alvaro Silva, promises an introduction to ease me into their world. Now, with a single click, I'm poised to bid farewell to my once vanilla life.

Only, there's no easing at all. Instead I'm roped in hard and fast.

Immerse yourself in a contemporary polyamorous, FFM bisexual menage romance, where love and kink triumph against all odds!

Notes for the Reader

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The Playground Club Series

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