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Shannon Elliot


The Author

My writing journey really started with a video that a friend pushed me to post to TikTok. This led to me finding a community of fellow readers, BookTok, that suddenly wanted to hear what I had to say. Later I was presented with opportunities I would have never previously imagined for myself.


I love the romance genre for its focus on relationships and its promise of a happily ever after.  Though I started with historical romance, my tastes and preferences have since expanded into new sub-genres. Whether that be contemporary romance, dark romance, why choose, or something else it seems like there isn't a romance novel I won't try.


I currently reside in Texas with my fur baby and write romance between trips to the dog park and the time I carve out for reading.

The Stories

Ever the artist, it is my nature to create, and with my background in theatre, I aspire to tell stories that reflect the human experience.

People always say to write what you know but I think better advice is to write what you want to read. You see, the more I consume as a reader the more I realize that there are stories that I want to tell, characters I want to share, and worlds that I want to create.


My debut novel, Angels in the Dark, is dark, gay, and sexy as hell but fundamentally it is a love story. I can imagine many of my stories will be similar but you never know where the artistic path will take you.

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